9 steps to feel fulfilled

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2019

Are you reading this blog post and wondering how you are ever going to figure out who you are, what you want and how you can feel fulfilled?

Now you can relax, because I’m going to show you the steps you need to take, although committing to the process of truly finding yourself is a big commitment, it is completely and utterly worth it! How do I know? Because I have been there – right where you are, searching on google, how do I find myself? How do I know who I really am? How can I find fulfilment? The answer didn’t come easily to me, as you may have seen yourself, a quick google search comes up with lots of tit bits of information – but not one path laid out for you to follow to get the results you want.

What do you want? All you want is to feel fulfilled right? To feel like you know where your life is going, to know how you are going to get there? And to feel like you are in control?

The one thing I can promise, if you don’t do the work, no one else is going to do it for you, there are no quick wins – even winning the lottery (thought you may disagree with me) wouldn’t make you feel more fulfilled – sure it would make life easier for a short while – but soon you would go back to feeling how you do now.

I don’t want that for you, I don’t want that for anyone, it’s a horrible way to feel. I want you to feel empowered to take control of your own life, I want you to know where you are going and feel motivated to go get it. I want you to feel like you know who you are, so that you can fulfil your potential and live your best life!

How? I hear you ask! By following these steps

#1 I want you to take a blank piece of paper, I want you to write, imagining no one will ever see this. What are your favourite parts of your life right now? Don’t think too much, allow you initial thoughts to come first, don’t concentrate on spelling or grammar, just let the words spill onto the page.

#2 on a different piece of paper I want you to write your least favourite parts of your life right now, again just allowing the words to flow, without thinking about grammar or spelling.

#3 Look at your #2 list and ask yourself, for each of your least favourite parts of your life, which of these parts can you get rid of today or in the near future? Then do it!

For those that you can’t get rid of, I want you to write one action you can take today to make it feel just a little bit better, or to bring you one step closer to getting rid of it.

#4 Look at your #1 list – for your favourite parts of your life, write down at least one action you can take to have more of your favourite parts in your life. (for example, spending more time with your best friend, or more time pursuing a hobby you enjoy).

#5 Make a list of your strengths, what are you good at, no matter how big or small.

#6 make a list of your weakness, what are you not so good at, again big and small.

#7 Find out what your core values are and start to use these in your everyday, to help guide you (you can read about it here, or you can download my free workbook here which will walk you through finding out what your own core values are)

#8 Assess each of the core areas of your life (work, lovelife, friendships, family, home) and ask yourself, what can you do to improve this area of your life?

#9 Finally summarise all that you have written so far and then create 1 goal for your life, then break this down and write 5 actions that you are going to take that will bring you closer to this goal - and do them!

I have given you the recipe that I have followed, it took me a long time, but I can tell you it was absolutely worth it – I know who I am and I am living a life that is fulfilling – this doesn’t mean I’m happy every single minute, but that isn’t normal anyway, we need low times to be able to appreciate the high’s. It is all about balance.

I provide 1:1 coaching that will walk you through exploring your values, will push you to delve deeper and will help you to figure out exactly what you want and need in your life to be more fulfilled. If you think you would find this recipe easier if you had someone to hold your hand through it, then click here and book yourself onto a free call with me, where we can talk and you can figure out if you think coaching with me can get you to where you want to be. (this is a no pressure call, it is most importantly to explore if the chemistry between you and me will be beneficial to you – you have to be open and honest with me, which you can only do if the two of us can gel)

Whether you sign up for coaching with me, or download my workbook, or follow the steps above I wish you all the luck in the world.



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