What is Coaching? And How Can it Help You?

benefits of coaching coaching Mar 05, 2021

Firstly let's look at what coaching isn’t.


Coaching isn’t advice. Of course in my blog and inside my free Facebook group This is ME! I may give general advice, but 1:1 coaching isn’t about what your coach knows, it’s about exploring what you know!


Trace came to me expecting advice and answers, here’s what she said at the end of our sessions together;


“I was drawn to Jen's professionalism, personality, and skill. I wanted answers. I thought Jen would tell me 'how to'  improve/do things.  I didn't get answers! What I did get was guidance, awareness and an awareness of all my jumbled thoughts -  to start making sense of them, what I could do with these thoughts - what would help me cope and look to be a better person/manager” Trace B

Coaching also isn’t counselling or therapy, coaching is very much about finding answers, making decisions, making plans even and although it may be appropriate sometimes to talk about the past, that isn’t the key focus - the key focus is on being able to move forward, being able to get unstuck, it could be to make changes, or it could be to recommit, or even to see things in your life in a different way.


That’s not to say that tears and emotions aren't welcome in coaching - they are! For the most effective coaching journey, you will need to bring the whole of you to the sessions and so if you're feeling emotions, you don’t have to hide them, you can let them out, within the safe space that your coach provides.


So what is coaching? How does it work?


A good coach will listen, I mean truly listen, probably like you’ve never been listened to before!


“Jen is an excellent listener” Michael M.


“[Jen] is such a superb listener! She prompts you to think a bit deeper and to challenge the way you think.” Matthew Ellis.


“I feel [with Jen] like I’m talking to someone who deeply cares about me and the things I’m working through” Carla Howard.


Listening truly is a skill, one that has to be honed, being able to hear everything a person is saying AND not saying is vital for this deep level of listening.


As well as listening intently, an experienced coach will ask you key questions that allow you to go deeper and find your own answers because you are the expert in your life!


“One of [Jen’s] gifts is zeroing in on the right question,  there were so many times where I was like oh my gosh, that question threw me for a loop” Carla Howard.


“[Jen's] thought-provoking but supportive questioning has given me a newfound sense of direction, clarity and a better understanding of myself and my motivations” Emma B


“[Jen used] constructive questioning, which helped me to unearth my deepest thoughts, values and truths.” Rachel H.


Sometimes these questions are so simple, yet so powerful! Carla said she had “Aha moments from very, very simple questions.”


And if you don’t answer the question, you can guarantee an experienced coach will ask you the question again, in a different way to allow you to open that door to those deeper thoughts.


You have SO much knowledge inside of you, you have the answers within you - there may just be a few doors to open before you can find them. Your coach will help you open those doors.

This is coaching, in its simplest form, though don’t be tempted to think it's “just” listening and questioning.  The skill of asking the right question at the right time is a skill that comes from experience, knowledge, understanding, and skill.


Some of this knowledge, understanding, and skill I had developed from my time as a nurse educator and mentor, as well as life experience, though the Diploma I took in coaching and mentoring showed me just how much more there was to learn about these skills in particular.


And it doesn’t stop there, we are all learning, growing all of the time and as a coach, I will continue to grow. To make the most of this I have a coaching supervisor whose role is to coach me through my growth and development. I also continue my Professional Development - I have taken extra courses in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and I keep myself up to date with the latest research in coaching and positive psychology.

How can coaching help you? 


It can be life-changing - it can be transformational, I’ll let the results speak for themselves, here’s what some of my clients have said about how coaching has helped them.


“At the end of our sessions I felt so much more confident, I feel more focused and I feel really good, I don’t feel like I’m just stuck in the mud” Carla H


“The [coaching] experience has made me realise my own potential” Anonymous


“[Jen] helped me to start fighting for myself as opposed to against myself, which is something I've been struggling with for many years.” Joanne L


“There were so many breakthrough moments,” Rachel H


“I have gained so much confidence and self-belief from our sessions” Anonymous


“I have found a renewed sense of confidence. My experience with Jen as my coach has been invaluable.” Tanya W


“Working with Jen has for me been a groundbreaking step forward” Tracey W


“I can honestly say it was life-changing! Having worked with Jen I now have a more positive, confident and resourceful attitude” Ella S


Here’s what some clients have said about how it feels to work with me as their coach.


“[Jen] is there, reminding you and encouraging you to decide whether or not you need to hit the gas or the brake, reminding you to enjoy the journey, reminding you that you can get ANYWHERE YOU WANT TO GO FROM WHEREVER YOU ARE!” Sandi Boucher


“I just cannot recommend Jen enough. It is life-changing, you’ll be so, so glad that you picked Jen Smollett to work with you” Carla Howard.


“I would really recommend [Jen’s] services to anyone who is looking to optimise their life.” Jelena D


I'd love to help you to achieve these things too!

Do you think you could benefit from working with a coach? Feel free to book a call here and let's have a quick chat about what you are looking to achieve and how I can help you.

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