Everything is figureoutable (Marie Forleo)

mindset Jul 08, 2020

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Have you read the book? If you haven’t, seriously go get yourself a copy right now! Marie Forleo has an amazing way of helping you see that everything is figureoutable!


For this blog, I’m going to share with you, how this philosophy, mantra, way of living, whatever you wanna call it, has helped me and can help you!


I don’t know about you but myself and many of the women I have coached have been faced with many challenges that we just didn’t know how to do! I’m not talking huge things either like fly an aeroplane, I’m talking small things - like, booking your car in for an MOT (I was late to this learning having lived in London for the first 12 years of adulthood without a car!) bake a simple victoria sponge (though honestly I defer to my wife on this one!) or painting skirting boards!


It can be easy for us to come across something that feels challenging, and defer to someone else, and with so many resources available to us, often that’s the most painless way - to use a local handywoman or man (if you know one!). 


Though this removes the sense of satisfaction from figuring something out for yourself - which can be huge! To feel self reliant, to feel confident that you don’t need to rely on others, that you, with all of the resources available can figure anything out - everything after all is figureoutable.


I’m going to share some of my own examples here in an attempt to inspire you to believe that everything is figureoutable.

Photo by Jeffery Erhunse on Unsplash

So my first one, how to crochet! I learned to knit when I was younger - I used to make and sell knitted dishcloths for 50p each! (to my most loyal customers - my grandparents!) but I never learned how to crochet. One of my best friends had just told me she was pregnant and I really wanted to make her a teddy - so I bought a “make your own” crochet set.


Could I start it? Could I ‘eck! I used the youtube videos that accompanied the set, but for some reason I couldn’t make it work. So I left it for a while, I came back to it a few times over the coming months, still unable to get that crochet ring started. 


As it was getting perilously close I knew I needed to switch my mindset - the more I had tried and failed, the more I had reinforced the belief that I just couldn’t crochet. I decided to tell myself, that although I was finding it impossible, it wasn’t actually impossible because many, many people crochet! I also told myself that it didn’t need to be perfect, my friend and her baby were going to love the thought and effort as much, if not more than the finished product.


With this new mindset, I tried again - and this time! I did it - the first crochet ring done, now all I needed to do was keep going. There were a few more crochet rings I needed to do, to create the different sections that would be sewn together, and each of them took a few attempts to do - but you know what? I did it! I finished it (at my friends house, the first time I met her gorgeous little boy, because I’m last minute like that!), but I finished it! I crocheted a teddy bear (elephant) all by myself and I was pretty proud of myself!


My next example you may not even believe, but I promise it’s true!


Although we never planned to renovate our house when we bought it, Melanie (my wife) and I soon realised that, that is what was needed! This included changing the bannister on our spiral staircase. For one reason or another, we never quite got round to it, we had removed it, (goodness knows why!) but not replaced it. We could only find really expensive ones online and we couldn’t bring ourselves to pay for it.


Before we knew it, we had less than a week before we were having safety checks done on our house, we had no idea how we were going to now order one in time! Some stress ensued!


Fortunately for me, I had just finished listening to the audio book - everything is figureoutable by Marie Forleo and I knew that I had to trust that process. Looking at our spiral staircase, with the sentence everything is figureoutable in my head over and over, I figured it out.


Literally the day before the safety checks I was cutting, sanding and attaching pieces of wood to create a spiral bannister - no word of a lie, I had never done anything like this before (nor would I have chosen to!) and by that evening we had an imperfect, but smooth and secure bannister!


This might have been my biggest achievement to date!


I’ve included a photo, incase you don’t believe me ;-) 


The moral of these stories is this, you are more capable than you think, and if you can change your mindset and your approach, then everything really is figuroutable!


I talked about this on a live inside my free Facebook Group and shared some more examples too, I’d love for you to join us in there, click here - The Fulfilled Women Collective. I go live in here every Thursday evening at 8pm UK time.

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