Top tips for weathering this storm

resilience Mar 29, 2020

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Today I want to share some of my top tips for weathering this storm that we find ourselves in.

Firstly, we’re all in this together. I went for a walk recently and as I was walking I said hello to everyone, which I usually do anyway. Though I also waved at people who were looking out of their windows and received some rather big smiles! I wouldn’t have waved at people before, but it felt nice.

Which brings me on to my first top tip - to find all of the ways you possibly can to connect with other people, with your family and friends, but also people you don’t know. Whether that is a smile through a window, or a comment on someone’s post on social media, a phone call, a video call - we have many options available to us, despite the difficulty of not being able to visit our family and friends in person.

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We are experiencing trauma.

What we are experiencing together right now throughout the world is truly awful, it’s scary, it’s isolating, it’s sad and all of the other emotions too. One minute you could be fine and the next you won’t be. Really what we are experiencing right now is trauma - every single one of us. It is important to remember this, to allow yourself the space to accept and also to feel, whatever emotions you are feeling - it’s OK to not be OK.

This leads me to my next tip, right now, we are also experiencing secondary trauma - through the news, through social media and even through conversations with family, friends or co-workers, especially if the conversations are heavily focused on Coronavirus. My second tip then is limit your exposure to this, through limiting how much you watch or read the news, reducing the number of people, pages or groups you follow on social media that are heavily focused around Coronavirus and to reduce the amount you talk about it with family, friends, and colleagues.

Please know I’m not suggesting to cut off from it at all, or even to not talk about it. We need to be aware of what’s happening and we need to talk about it, it’s all about moderation and finding the right balance for you.

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Emotional Resilience.

I am really conscious of not paying lip service to emotional resilience, I’ve written about it before and it is something I am incredibly passionate about. And honestly, right now I believe it is more important than ever. If we imagine an elastic band as our emotional resilience, the more the elastic band is able to stretch and release, the more emotional resilience we have.

No one ever has an elastic band that is completely relaxed, there will always be some element of pull on it. The thing right now, of course, is that our elastic bands are more stretched than ever before. One of the most important things we need to do for ourselves, therefore, is anything that will make our elastic band feel more flexible and able to relax, in between each emotion or experience that will stretch it even further.

Of course, if we don’t do things to allow our elastic band to relax in between then we may reach a point where it stretches so far it snaps or is unable to be stretched further. If we think of this in terms of our mental health - then this is not where we want to get to.

My third tip for then is to find one thing for you that you know will help you to relax the tension on your elastic band a little. Whether that be to have a bath, do some exercise, go for a walk, or even delete social media.

Would you like some help to figure this out? I can coach you through finding your own unique way through this storm, we can make a plan for how you can increase your own emotional resilience so that you feel better able to move through this storm and also to allow you to be able to support those around you. Book your free call here to discuss how I can help you.

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