What can you control?

Photo by Hiki Liu on Unsplash

Over the past 5 weeks I have been coaching 55 people specifically around building their emotional resilience and mindset - and the most common theme is around control, many people have found themselves focusing on the things that they can’t control - things such as, will I lose my job (most of the people I am coaching are fortunate to have a job still), when will I see my family again, or, will I be able to go on the holiday I have booked?.


Focusing on what we can’t control is one way of pouring our energy and focus into something that will give us nothing back. And yet most of us do it, we often do it without realising - I know I’m guilty of it!


Below is an image to describe the zones of control, influence and concern, you may have seen a similar diagram before (it is used in many different training programs).

This diagram gives some examples of those things that are within our control such as how you are...

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