Following in great footsteps


 Photo by Ana Gabriel on Unsplash

At this point in history, there’s no shortage of women to look up to. For generations upon generations, ordinary women have been doing extraordinary things.

One of the best examples I can think of is a woman called Betty Williams, a receptionist and mother of two, who during the political turmoil in Northern Ireland in 1976, witnessed three children killed. Within just 2 days of this, she had formed a petition for peace with over 6,000 signatures on it. She then organised and lead a peace march of 10,000 people to the children’s graves, which was unfortunately disrupted by protesters. So, a week later Better organised another march…. This time with 35,000 people!

Betty was probably as ordinary as they come. Who reading this is or has been a receptionist? Who out there has children? I look at women like Betty and just think… how? I admire women like her and long to do something so amazing and...

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