Hi! I’m Jen


I'm a Mum of two gorgeous girls, a dog (Tilly), and a cat (Chip)!

I'm also a wife, an ex-children's ICU nurse, an occasional murder mystery actor, and a professional coach.

I believe we all deserve to be confident, fulfilled, and successful. 

I’m an energetic, passionate, positive person with a knack for seeing the best in others. I value integrity, compassion, and connection.

I've been coaching and mentoring for over 10 years, I'm accredited as a senior practitioner coach with EMCC and I'm a qualified NLP practitioner.

I bring all of this to my coaching conversations as well as my knowledge of the most recent coaching research, my curiosity, and perhaps most importantly my open mind.


Enough about me...


Why would my open mind be most important? Because ultimately it's not about me - coaching is all about you. You are the one that knows you best, you are the one that can build your confidence, you are the one that knows what success looks like for you AND how to get it.

Maybe you're thinking, no Jen, if I knew that, then I wouldn't be here. The reality is, all of the answers you need are within you, you just don't know how to reach them on your own - and that is where I come in.

A coaching conversation is a two-way process, where I listen to everything you say (and don't say) and with careful questions, I guide you to go deeper and deeper inside to where you'll find the answers. 

I have resources and tools that I may share, but they're not where the true transformation comes from, the transformation comes from within, and whilst we're working together you'll also be learning how to be your own coach so that you can continue to find your own answers, so that you can rely on your own opinions, your own skills, your own experience to be the most confident, fulfilled and successful person you can be!

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